PowerLube Lubricants

The original PowerLube lubricants are the only ones that guarantee both the hydraulic and mechanical components of the Ferrari two-wheel tractors function properly and, at the same time, ensuring their perfect efficiency over time.

Available versions
- Hydromechanical transmission lubricant
- Hydrostatic transmission and engine lubricant

Technical features
- High quality synthetic bases and raw materials
- Formulated specifically for Ferrari two-wheel tractors

Power take-off Ø mm. 35

Priključak za prenossnage, koji se montira na standardni izlazni priključak na motokultivatoru ili kosačici, vodi šinu od Ø 35 mm sa jedinstvenim dimenzijama od 1 "3/8 prema spolja.

Neophodan dodatak za povezivanje mašine sa kardanskim zglobovima, kutijama i raznim dodatcima.


Adapteri su dostupni u dve verzije i omogućavaju:

- sklapanje "starih" priključaka (sa PTO angažovanjem Z10) na "novim" mašinama (sa angažovanjem 3-zubnog PTO)

- montaža "novih" priključaka (sa 3-zubnim PTO angažovanjem) na "starim" mašinama (sa angažovanjem PTO Z10)

Attachment extension

Produžni nastavak od 8 cm je korisna dodatna oprema za balansiranje težine između mašine i priključka.

Jedan ili više ekstenzija se mogu ugraditi na "rastojanje" priključka sa mašine i povećati težinu ka zemlji, naročito u prisustvu dizel motora, ili kako bi se spriječio pritiskanje na točkove.

Quick Hitch

Comprising a tang and a bush, the quick hitch is the ideal accessory to change attachments on the two-wheel tractor quickly and easily, without having to use any spanners.

Indeed, for rapid attachment replacement, each attachment needs to be fitted with a dedicated tang, while the bush remains attached to the machine: insert the tang into the bush and hook them in place by lowering the pin.

On the 360 PowerSafe two-wheel tractor, the quick hitch tang is fitted as standard on the machine, and for rapid attachment replacement, simply fit each attachment with a specific bush and attach it to the machine by turning the red knob.

Wheel spacers

The wheel spacers are designed to widen the machine's track by 6 cm on either side, thereby improving its stability on cross slopes or on rough terrain.

These spacers can also be used to twin together 2 pneumatic wheels for greater traction on the terrain, placing a torque between one wheel and the other.

Wheel weights

The weights, which are secured to the wheel hubs, are used to weigh down the machine and therefore provide greater traction and enhanced performance and safety levels.

They are recommended during ploughing and furrowing or on small slopes.

Available weighing 11 kg each (for 4.00-8 wheels), weighing 15 kg each (for 4.0-10 and 5.0-10 wheels) and weighing 34 kg each (for 6.5/80-12 wheels).


The pneumatic or metal wheels have different profiles for various types of applications in agriculture, greens maintenance or haymaking.

Pneumatic wheels:
- Tractor: 4.00-8 | 16x6.50-8 | 4.0-10 | 5.0-10 | 6.5/80-12 These are especially suitable for agricultural use since the tread lug design always ensures good grip on both hard and soft terrain.

- Lug Tyre: 20x8.00-10 These are especially suitable for agricultural use since the tread lug design always ensures good grip on the soil but with less soil compaction compared to tyres with the Tractor profile thanks to the wider contact surface with the terrain.

- Terra Tyre: 21x11.00-8 These are especially suitable for use in greens maintenance and haymaking. The widened profile makes it possible to distribute the load and traction on a much wider contact surface with the soil, with evident benefits of greater flotation and minimum soil compaction.

- Garden: 20x8.00-10 These wheels are especially useful when used with a lawn mower. They are especially suitable for use in greens maintenance on finer surfaces since the low compaction profile protects the turf.

Metal wheels:
- Cage: diameter 43 | 49 | 58 cm These wheels are especially suitable when used in two-wheel tractors with a rotary hoe in very hard terrain. Indeed, the crosspieces located along the circumference of the wheels penetrate the soil, thereby ensuring good machine anchoring in the soil and preventing the wheels from slipping.


The sweeper is the ideal attachment for clearing snow or cleaning driveways, pavements, parking lots or barns.

Available cutting widths: 80 and 100 cm.

Equipped with drive with gears in oil bath and cast iron housing, its brush is made of nylon or nylon and steel (for 100-cm model only) and it is adjustable directly from the operator's seat.

The rear wheels facilitate steering and allow you to adjust the height of the cleaning.


- Working width: 80 - 100 cm
- Minimum power required*: 6.3 kW
- Transmission: with gears in oil bath and cast iron housing
- Brush: nylon or nylon and steel (for 100-cm model only)
- Adjustable by 180° directly from the operator's seat
- Cleaning height: adjustable through suitable spacers located on the rear wheels


- Sweeper 80 cm: Width 920 mm - Weight 68 kg
- Sweeper 100 cm: Width 1120 mm - Weight 74 kg

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