560 HY WS PowerSafe

Motor mower with hydrostatic drive and assisted hydraulically controlled steering

For those who need to work in “no-limits” conditions and on steep slopes, Ferrari introduces the new 560 HY WS PowerSafe motor mower with hydrostatic drive and assisted hydraulically controlled steering system.

The 560 HY WS PowerSafe is the only hydrostatic motor mower in the world to be equipped with a patented PowerSafe hydraulic clutch with multiple steel discs in oil bath and connected directly to the engine.

The ergonomics of the easily operated levers together with the high drive and braking capability ensure easy manoeuvrability and a total and safe control of the unit, even in the toughest conditions.

The Ferrari 560 HY WS PowerSafe motor mower has 2 speed ranges (slow/fast) selected by the operator with a mechanical control situated on the handlebars, an automatic parking brake with manual release mechanism for forced manoeuvres.

The engines fitted include a Honda GX390 Alps 11.7 HP petrol engine, a Briggs&Stratton Vanguard 16 HP two-cylinder petrol engine and a Yanmar LN100 10 HP diesel engine prepared for use on steep slopes.

The versatility of the machine is guaranteed by an unlimited series of attachments, such as: cutter bars, heavy-duty mowers, lawn mowers and generally speaking all the attachments used for alpine haymaking and for uses in municipalities.

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  1. General Details
    Engine Fuel Starter Power KW/HP
    Honda GX390 Alps Gasoline Recoil 8.7 / 11.7
    Yanmar LN100 Diesel Recoil 7.5 / 10
    Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Gasoline Recoil 11.9 / 16
    • Speed ranges: 2 ranges (slow/fast) forward and in reverse
    • Hydrostatic forward motion command: via a single lever or a rotating knob, motorcyclist type, with central stop position
    • Clutch: PowerSafe multi-disc in bath oil
    • Final reduction units on both wheels
    • Brake: automatic parking brake (Auto-hold)
    • Independent steering clutch-brake mechanisms on both wheels
    • Driving position with height and side adjustable handlebar mounted on shock absorbers to reduce vibrations
    • Weight with GX390 Alps engine, 5.0-10 wheels, transmissions in oil bath and 135 cm cutter bar: 220 kg
    • Graph of the speeds in km/h with engine at 3600 rpm and 5.0-10 tyres

    Maximum width (without attachment):

    – with wheels 5.0-10: 900 mm
    – with wheels 5.0-10 twin: 1180 mm
    – with wheels 5.0-10 + Super Bite: 1070 mm
    – with wheels 23×8.50-12 Tractor: 1020 mm
    – with wheels 21×11.00-8 Terra Tyre: 1180 mm
    – with wheels 20×8.00-10 Lug Tyre: 1010 mm
    – with wheels 20×8.00-10 Garden: 1010 mm
    – with steel wheels 3×300: 1080 mm
    – with steel wheels 4×400: 1240 mm

    EasyGrip: The „EasyGrip“ lever control guarantees a high operating comfort especially for those operations requiring frequent direction reverse, such as greens maintenance and typical uses in municipalities.

    EasyRider: The „EasyRider“ direction control by rotating knob, motorcyclist type, allows the operator to control the direction holding the handlebar with the right hand. This allows to better control the unit in deep slopes, such as cutting on hilly grounds. The knob rotates on ball bearings to reduce driving friction.

    For both direction controls, a notch sector allows the operator to easily and repeatedly fix the position of the lever or of the knob. A central area without notches lets the lever or the knob to be positioned as desired, so that the machine can operate at a very slow speed.

    The PowerSafe hydraulic clutch ensures several advantages:

    • Performance and Reliability of a hydraulic clutch with no maintenance, even in heavy use with alternating movement tools (cutter bars) or in use at a high inertia level (lawn mower or heavy-duty mower).
    • Safety immediate machine stop due to an integrated automatic brake which stops both the machine and the attachment when releasing the handlebar.
    • Comfort with elimination of preliminary stages for engine starting which runs continuously even when the operator releases the handlebar.
    • Guarantee: the PowerSafe clutch unit has a 5-year extended guarantee.

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